Finally named him. Socrates; he’s still wee and cautious and adorable, so I drew him with a large scarf. One day he shall kill his enemies with this scarf. I see many adventures for these two. 

Like a deer in headlights.

We got a rat. He poops everywhere when he he gets excited and refuses to  leave my side when he’s out of his cage. I’ve yet to name him. Yes this is what I did with my time. 

Some Phase 1 Murdoc. Shade later, if my dad doesn’t mess with my computer again. 

Hm…. Caption caption caption He’s tired and she’s finally asleep and he’s just so happy that she didn’t set his face on fire again.

Why was this soooo hard? And its not even finished. And it never will be. Doon doon dooooon. 

"Aaarrrgh! Dan-spawn! Avenge me!"

  • ((I don’t know why she has a mallet.))
  • ((in case it isn’t obvious, Dan has just been punched… or hit or something I dunno I’m tired.))
  • ((Messing with perspective. Its hard.))
  • ((Mallet. Dunno.))
  • ((Lucy is a collaboration OC. That’s why I drew her. And here we are.))

Yep I’m still here. Doing stupid thing I instantly regret. Like drawing. Jeezus christ this hack-job. 

I just needed something to help me feel like not a total suck. I failed. Megavolt knows my pain. Don’t worry, Sputterspark; We shall be avenged. Probably. 

"As long as I’m here, the only thing you have to worry about is what happens to you when I leave."

"We’re going to be good friends. Close friends. We’re going to keep each other alive. I’m going to feed off of your bad thoughts and nightmares so I can live, and in return, I won’t allow you to die. Real friends, BEST FRIENDS, are cool like that.”

Finally asleep. He’s been waiting all night.  Finally asleep. He’s been waiting all night. 

Finally asleep. He’s been waiting all night. 

Just wanted to draw out some more of those ‘imaginary friends’. Still don’t know if I’ll do anything with them, but meh, still fun to draw. Also, I know MAD looks kind of like Norman, but that’s how she said he looked. Maybe I’ll tweak it in the future. Pffft.

He just really wants to be back in his core. 

Its a shame it’s so broken. I think the bigger problem is that he’s unable to produce tears. :(