Some of us just get uglier. 

All the other mother fuckers got dragons. 

I’ve lost all control of my life derp!dan help me

You angry little fucker I love you.

Socrates has an existential moment. It’s like… he’s so small. Wow. 

((No, you have no idea how much I love this rat. He’s like my best friend in this crazy world of ours. Like, wow man.))

space background: x

*Edited. Because I could not resist adding my favorite cores.

Against my better judgement, since I can’t sleep and fanart is going nowhere. Maybe tomorrow. 

Jeezum I love drawing this little guy. Poor guy just sits in his house, bored out of his mind, while I’m at work. 

Bonus: I spared you all the awkwardness of seeing his rat gonads. 

Finally named him. Socrates; he’s still wee and cautious and adorable, so I drew him with a large scarf. One day he shall kill his enemies with this scarf. I see many adventures for these two. 

Like a deer in headlights.

We got a rat. He poops everywhere when he he gets excited and refuses to  leave my side when he’s out of his cage. I’ve yet to name him. Yes this is what I did with my time. 

Some Phase 1 Murdoc. Shade later, if my dad doesn’t mess with my computer again. 

Hm…. Caption caption caption He’s tired and she’s finally asleep and he’s just so happy that she didn’t set his face on fire again.

Why was this soooo hard? And its not even finished. And it never will be. Doon doon dooooon. 

"Aaarrrgh! Dan-spawn! Avenge me!"

  • ((I don’t know why she has a mallet.))
  • ((in case it isn’t obvious, Dan has just been punched… or hit or something I dunno I’m tired.))
  • ((Messing with perspective. Its hard.))
  • ((Mallet. Dunno.))
  • ((Lucy is a collaboration OC. That’s why I drew her. And here we are.))